During the holidays, for over a decade, we have offered 2oz gift size hair maintenance products to SILK2 professional customers. They are the perfect, affordable way to show gratitude to your clients for their trust in you.

"It's like a mini salon Christmas for my clients. They love them." - Hairstylist Cleveland Ohio

"I can't NOT order Holiday Favors. They would run me out of the salon." - Hairstylist Fort Washington Maryland

The fact that we customize each label with your name and salon information only helps to make these quality hair care products even more special. Now you have a way to say “Thank You”.

"This is what started me retailing products in my salon." - Hairstylist, Chicago Illinois

We are accepting orders until December 10th. So don’t delay. Give us a call today at (1-800) 577-4552. 
"My clients call me every year asking what products I got for them."- Hairstylist, Cincinnati Ohio

You've had a chance to see some of the reactions of many hairstylists that have ordered Holiday Favors over the years. Gratitude works! Let us prove it to you today. Give us a call at 800-577-4552

"I get more return business than I can handle giving out product rather than a business card." - Hairstylist, New York New York
20 Gifts - $70  
40 Gifts - $130
60 Gifts - $180